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REVIEW: The New Dad´s Playbook // Benjamin Watson.


New moms have unending resources to plan and execute a healthy pregnancy and navigate those first months and years as a parent with confidence. Nnew dads? Not so much. Super Bowl champion and father of five Benjamin Watson wants to change that.

The New Dad's Playbook is every man's game plan to being the best partner and the best father, from preseason (preparing for fatherhood) to Super Bowl (birth) to postseason (after baby is home). It helps men understand what their wives are going through physically and emotionally during and after pregnancy, allowing them to support their most important teammate. It tells men what to expect when their baby is home and what to do when the unexpected happens.

About the author:

Benjamin Watson is a tight end for the Baltimore Ravens, a frequent commentator on ESPN and the NFL Network, and a vice president of the NFLPA. A leading spokesman for All Pro Dad and NFL Father & Kids Experience, and the founder of One More, Watson was a finalist for Walter Payton Man of the Year. He is the author of Under Our Skin and has appeared on Dr. Phil, The 700 Club, The Rachael Ray Show, CNN, Fox News, and many more. He lives in Maryland with his wife, Kirsten, and their five kids.


This book is an excellent guide for first-time parents. It is dedicated directly to men, but also women can learn from the pregnancy process if you have not yet had your first baby.In this book Benjamin Watson explains from the day he learns that he is going to be a father until after having his baby in his arms.It explains clearly everything that happens before, during and after the pregnancy of his wife, according to his experience.We women can know the feelings and behavior of our partner, what they think when they know they are going to be parents, How they feel when they know the sex of the baby.Wrote this book for the man who does not feel ready to be a father.It tells them how they can help, how they can be part of this beautiful moment. What they can hear during medical appointments and especially how to make the marriage survive throughout this process.Throughout the book highlights the value, effort and sacrifice that makes a woman.All this explains it as if it were a football game to make it more understandable for them.Making an honorable mention of the great function that God fulfills in his family and how he has helped in his moments of weakness.

"More information means less fear and more confidence in your abilities to be an excellent father."


ISBN 9780801018978
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5
Publication Date Apr 2017
price: $14.99
Carton Quantity: 72
Number of pages:  208



Publication Date: Apr 2017

price: $14.99

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