viernes, 2 de febrero de 2018

REVIEW: If my moon was your sun // Andreas SteinhÖfel // Plogh


Did you hear the story about Max, the boy who kidnapped his grandfather from a nursing home?

You didn't see it on the news? Well, let me tell you about it. Max lives in a small town, much smaller than yours. his grandpa is losing his memory, but still remenbers quite a bit. You can imagine how they hurried, Max and his grandpa, followed by old Miss Schneider, Who insisted on coming along. Why were they in a hurry? Because everyone was after them. Max had skipped school to rescue his grandoa, and they were just starting out on what promised to be one of the best days of their entire lives.
A story abou the specialrelationship between grandparents and grandchildren.

About the author:

Andreas SteinhÖfel is an awars-winning German writer of children's books. He received the Erich Kästner Prize for Literature Award in 2013. In addition to writing books for young readers, he also works as a translator, writes for television and radios, and edits graphic novels. Born in 1962 in Battenberg, Germany, he now livesin Berlin. Other books by Andreas Available in English are The Spaghetti Detectives, and Elk Dropped In, and At The Center of the World,


I was waiting for this book with anxiety for weeks, since it affects me in a very intimate way because
I had a relative who suffered from this sad illness and it is worth noting that it was my grandmother. The story is very moving and sad. In all the illustrations it can be seen as something; (in this case crows), as it reminds you that something sad or terrible will happen. We usually represent the crows as death or something negative, I imagine because of its mysterious color; (poor animals).

This book I loved, I have no complaints about him. Besides the book, it brings with it a CD where the audiobook is recorded and brings instrumental music to pause in each illustration of the book I have imagined the scenes.

Something I could not understand was the relationship of the title with the story; Although they did an interview at the end of the book to the author and asked him that question, but still I could not understand. What's the title?